Monday, June 1, 2015

More Day 2 Adventures in Costa Rica

The following information has been written by Mrs. Creasman's Group of Boys - Collin Craft, Harrison Sampietro, Walter Mink, and Webb Daniel.
Day 2 - Classroom Talk  by Collin Craft
This morning our classroom talk was about learning how to work together to accomplish a goal.  Jorge separated us into two groups.  Half of us were the United States and the rest were Costa Rica.  The objective was to get through a hidden maze (a set of tiles) without stepping on the wrong ones.  Naturally Costa Rica and America tried to be the first to solve the maze.  We didn't win until both countries worked together.  We finally figured out to place markers on the correct tiles to make the path so we could cross into each countries.  Working together is the key to success.

Tonight we discussed concerns, norms, and expectations in help us have a satisfying trip.  We made lists for all three topics.  Our concerns were things that we were fearful of about the trip - staying healthy, stay safe, harmful bugs, etc.  The norms we discussed were about rules to follow - Always stay in pairs, get enough sleep, always be aware of your surroundings, listen to the teachers, etc.  The topic of expectations was about things we expect to do on the trip or to complete on the trip.

Day 2:  Costa Rican Food by Walter Mink
We woke up to great food.  Breakfast was great.  We had many choices like scrambled eggs, cereal, sausage, rice and beans, pineapple, mango, etc.  My personal favorite was the fruit.  At lunch time there were many veggies, potato salad, and empanadas!  Empanadas are fried pies with different fillings like beef, chicken, cheese, steak and potato, or rice and beans.  At dinnertime we had choices of salad, rice and beans, pineapple, mango, and beef stew.  Costa Ricans eat rice and beans at every meal.  All in all, Costa Rican food is great!
Day 2: Rain Forest Hike
Today we did a very interesting hike in the rain forest.  We saw tons of poisonous frogs, geckos, bats, and bugs.  I spotted a baby venomous viper snake coiled up in between two tree roots.  The plants were very interesting too!  We saw the walking tree and a flowering plant called hot lips. 

We also saw a HUGE termite nest hanging from a branch.  

We saw bullet ants that could end your day!  They are about an inch long and have a powerful bite.  If you get bitten by one, the pain could last for six hours.  We also saw leaf cutter ants carrying the leaves back to their colony.  (We saw an army of leaf cutter ants at one of the zipline stations.  One group was going to the nest with leaves; the other was going back to cut more leaves.)  Overall the hike helped us understand more about the wild life in the rain forest.

Day 2:  Ziplining by Webb Daniel
Today we went ziplining in the canopy of the rain forest.  There were twelve stations on our adventure.  On some stations we had to brake.  The brake was a glove we wore on our hand.  To brake you had to pull down on the cable close to the end of the line.The last station had a zipline that was 700 meters
long!  Right before we made it to the last station it began to rain. All of us zipped with a partner. We
were zipping fast with rain pelting our faces.  It was fun zipping in the rain.  Everyone in our group did the zipline adventure, even our teachers - Coach Fruitt, Ms. Glenn, and Mrs. Creasman!

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Sounds like fun!! Can't wait to hear more about what you all are up to. Have a blast. Praying for you all.

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Great commentary boys. Very descriptive. Thanks for the update...

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I am glad to hear you are enjoying the food! I loved ziplining there too. I am glad you are learning a lot and having such a good experience. These are memories you will never forget!

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