Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 5 Continues!

We were immersed into the local Costa Rican culture this afternoon for lunch! With us divided into four groups, each group spent an hour visiting with and dining with a family living in the area of Buena Vista. Each family opened their home to us, made us a meal, and shared information about their lives. Each group was served delicious food. Each family served their group true Costa Rican food- rice and beans. With the rice and beans some boys were served more American - type entrees such as hamburgers, fried chicken, or even a French fry! 
Duncan, Collin, and Brooks spent time with a sweet lady named Diga. She is a great grandmother and is about 80. After serving them a delicious meal, she played soccer with the boys! And she was super! ( I would have her on my team any day!!!)

A few of the thoughts of all of our boys on this experience:
•Their lives are very different from ours, but they are very happy.
•One family built a soccer team in their field for the entire neighborhood to use.
•One family had a well for water right in their kitchen. They hooked the bucket to a rope and lowered the bucket down to get fresh water.

•The families had flat screen TVs , iPhones, and refrigerators.
•They were a close knit community, always talking to their neighbors. 
•All of the families were very glad to open their home to us! They treated us as family!


Mrs. Nabers said...

How wonderful for these lovely people to share their life with you boys. I love the idea of the well right in the house; how cool is that!

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