Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 1: What a day!

Our first day has been quite eventful! We started out at the Memphis airport early this morning. Our first flight to Atlanta was short and sweet.

In Atlanta, the boys enjoyed a quick meal. Why not eat Chinese food at 10am?

Others felt the need to buy fuzzy pajama socks!

Once we arrived in Costa Rica, we went through customs and picked up our luggage. Unfortunately Kristian's bag is missing in action. It did arrive in San Jose, but wasn't at the luggage carousel.  We have filed a claim and are hopeful it will be delivered soon.

From the airport, we jumped in the bus and began the journey to Chilamate.

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant and enjoyed a great meal.

Beautiful hydrangeas are everywhere!

Gorgeous waterfall!

Once we arrived at the Eco Retreat, we got settled in our cabins, ate dinner, played leadership games, and celebrated Winston's birthday. Our leadership lesson focused on comfort zones, learning zones, and panic zones. We hope to all stay in the learning zone this week.  It's been a very full day. We are off to bed soon. Tomorrow includes leadership training and ziplining!

The boys will begin blogging tomorrow!

In Costa Rica!

Hello family and friends of the PDS program in Costa Rica. The boys have arrived in Costa Rica and are heading to the Chilamate Eco-Retreat. They will start updating the blog tomorrow. Please call 303-679-3413 with any questions. 

Erin Hawk
Director of Operations 

Here we go!