Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fifth Day of Fun in Costa Rica

UThis section of our blog has been compiled by Mrs. Creasman's group- Harrison, Walter, Webb, and Collin.

Our work at the Chilamate School continued today with everyone participating in a new job. Today a few of the boys from the Chilamate School worked alongside of us. It was a lot of fun. Some of the boys dug up rocks to place behind a retaining wall as reinforcement. Some of the rocks were carried in buckets by one person or if it was very heavy two boys worked together to carry the bucket to its destination. 

We also had boys carry larger rocks by themselves. 

Walter worked with a boy from the school that tried to teach him Spamish as they were working. He would point to objects around the area and tell Walter the Spanish word for that object.
Another group of boys painted the inside and outside of metal beams. 

A third group of boys resurfaced a concrete base. First they applied three layers of plaster using "spatulas" and spreading the plaster horizontally.

The last step was to smooth out the plaster with their hands. (I see a lot of DIY projects in their future!)


Unknown said...

Great job boys!!!

Unknown said...

Yes! Great job guys! That's really hard work! So proud of you all! Mrs Jen M

Mrs. Nabers said...

Looks like the boys did a lot of work. I bet we can find some jobs around the school for them to help out with.

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