Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 4 Adventures!

This post was written by Hays, Nelson, Jeb, and Kristian.

This morning at the school we had a rock, scissors, paper tournament. The championship included Nelson and Elena, a student from Chilamate Elementary. Elena won!

Afterwards we mixed all the students up with us and played soccer together. One of the students at the school looked exactly like Neymar Jr., a pro soccer player.

We continued our work at the school, but we switched jobs from yesterday. 

The kids at the school gave us some help when it was time to clean up. The best part of being at the school today was meeting new friends. A man brought his snowcone stand down the street and started making snowcones right by the school. We bought some for a few children who live across from the school.

Lunch was great because we had spaghetti and garlic bread. It was a reward for our hard work! After lunch we swam in the river for the first time. It felt so good because the water was so cold. It has been extremely hot today. 

We built sand ramps so that we could run from the beach and face plant into the water. Randall, our leader, was in a kayak watching us. Some of us held on while he pulled us around the river.  We tried to touch the bottom, but it was very deep.  We had a couple of inner tubes and we enjoyed flipping each other.

This afternoon we went to the chocolate plantation. To get to the plantation, we had to cross the longest suspension bridge in Costa Rica. It is 250 meters long.  

It was cool because you looked down on the rushing waters of the Rio Sarapiqui. We hiked about 20 minutes to the chocolate plantation and learned about cacao beans and how the indigenous people processed chocolate. We got to taste chocolate throughout the process.

While we were hiking, we saw leaf cutter ants, an agouti, a monkey, a Costa Rican chicken, a wild boat, and a millipede. The tour ended at the gift shop. We bought cold cokes and souvenirs.

Dinner tonight continued with an American theme...fried chicken wings! Yum!


William Losch said...

Sounds like a full day of work and play! Thanks for the update boys...

Terri said...
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Terri said...

Looks as though you all have been hard at work and play! I am sure your efforts are much appreciated! Keep working hard and serving others- putting our virtues into action!!

Unknown said...

Look at those smiling faces!! I see you guys are having a great experience in Costa Rica! I think I'm a little jealous that I cant be there too! Great post Kristian!

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