Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cooling Off in the River!

After a hot day in the sun working, what would be better than a swim in a river with cold mountain water? According to the PDS boys, nothing! (Except maybe an ice cold coke!)
Boys were floating in the inner tubes!
Boys were just swimming and having splas-fests!

Some enjoyed digging in the mud.
Some just enjoyed being buried in the mud.


Unknown said...

That's a beautiful spot by that river. I'm so glad you could cool off and enjoy the water!! Have fun!

Unknown said...

Wish I were there!

Unknown said...

Boys and mud! Always a great combination! Looks like so much fun!!! Prayers to all! Much love, The Merrimans

Mrs. Nabers said...

What great memories are being made. It looks like you are doing a little work and a little play. Good plan. Mrs. Nabers

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see you all and hear all about the trip!!! Love, Jen Merriman

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