Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A few pictures...

The "Pig Whisperer"

Kristian was so thankful that friends were helping him during the no luggage situation. Thankfully, his luggage has now arrived!

Thumbs up for zip lining!

"Eye" see you!

The boys are listening to the principal of the elementary school as he explains the importance of their work for the community.

We joined in a game with this 4th grade English class as they learned the parts of a house.

Aidan has been beating the socks off our guys in checkers. He's in first grade!

Every night two boys lead the team through "ANCHOR". During this time, they discuss appreciations, news, concerns, hopes for the trip, obscurities of the trip, and then readings (inspirational quotes or verses). Last night Nelson and Brooks led.

More to come...


Unknown said...

Wow! What an exciting adventure. I love reading about all that you are doing and accomplishing in Costa Rica. The photos really tell a great story.

My favorite photo is of Duncan and the pig. I printed it out and will keep it on my desk. Enjoy your adventure and stay away from those bugs!

Mr. Hancock

Beth Diaz said...

So proud of you, Nelson and Brooks!
Mrs. Diaz

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed viewing your posts and pictures. I know this will be an unforgettable journey. Miss you guys!

Mrs. Pruitt

Unknown said...

So proud of all of you!

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