Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 6: Finishing Strong!

This blog post was written by Wesley, Duncan, Kyler, Brooks, and Winston.

Today was our last day at the Chilamate School, where we were encouraged to work our hearts out. First, we played some soccer, in which the students are very talented. Anderson, one of the Chilamate students, scored a winning goal for us!

After soccer we started the jobs; one group painted and cleaned beams, while another group put cement on one of the supports. This method succeeded in achieving us lots of progress in our project and was a good way to end strong. 

After all the jobs were over, some of the kids performed a folk dance for us. They brought us ice cream as a snack while they did it. Then they asked us to dance with them! Immediately after we all danced, we got up and sang Eagles Wings from graduation. Over all, this work at Chilamate school was a very fun and tiring process.

It was very hard to say goodbye to the kids. 

Our afternoon activity was The Amazing Race.  It was a series of challenges that each one of the three groups had to perform. We were rewarded after each challenge with a number of rubber bands; one was the worst, two was second worse, and three was the best. The first event we did in the adventure race was the broccoli race where we tape ourselves together and get a balloon and blow it up. If our tape broke or you let go of the balloon you would have to start all over again with the same balloon, which you had to hold with one hand the whole time until we got to the end of that race, which was only ten meters long. 

In our Adventure race we had a total of four PCs, which in real adventure races mean passport control. The first PC (PC-1) was taped onto a house where we met a lovely lady who led us to a shed behind her house, in which we had to milk a cow and fill a cup up with milk up to a marked line. I think this was a fun way to see what life is like for them because that could be a kid’s chore. 

PC-2’s task involved flipping over an inflated raft while it was in the lake, which took lots of teamwork and good leadership to succeed. 

The activity at PC-3 was making tortillas out of dough and cooking them. We got to eat them after they had been cooked, and they were very tasty. 

During the last PC, PC-4, we were taught to Salsa dance. In this activity a lady was dancing to a song track that was playing, and we followed along and tried to do what she did. She was a very good dancer, and it was hard to keep up at times. Although we made huge fools of ourselves, no one said anything because we were having fun.


Mrs. Nabers said...

Thank you for sharing these great adventures with us. I have never been out of the country, but I enjoyed living it through your descriptions. Thanks and I do believe you finished strong.

Leigh Butler said...

Yes, you look like you are immersing yourselves into
the culture and enjoying your time there work and all!
Good job guys!

Unknown said...

Way to go guys! So proud of you for serving and trying new things!!!

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